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coming back soon!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

yum! yum!

This dish is not only for kids, but adults would enjoy it too. I made roasted pepper, tomato, onion and baked salmon fish. Then chopped cucumber and apples. So I just cooked rice with some peas and chopped carrot.

Tested and my kids loved it and cleaned the plate.

So I guess for kids to eat their vegetable, presentation of food is important. I prepared and made it to my kids taste and with all the possible colors in food that can be found. Of all, it is very easy to prepare and most of all very healthy.

I totally believe that, kids need to eat from every food group and have the correct portion of food. As we cook for our kids, I feel that it is our responsibility to prepare a good healthy rainbow dish. Then, can give a dessert at the end, it is not necessary for a kid to know what the dessert is. That will make a kid to give a plenty for excuse to finish the greens.....but I to agree for some group of children , you need to say 'if you finish this, then you get your dessert'. So as parents we need to act smart and fast, to judge the situation and keep our children healthy.

Don't you agree with me: "today's healthy children is tomorrow's brain of our country."


Kala said...
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Anonymous said...

great suggestion. The food looks good too. Recently I read an article saying that fish is needed for children's brain development. Keep it up. Please continue to post with more ideas.

Kay said...

from a study, The American Heart Association recommends people to eat fish at least twice a week.
i have problem making my kids wat fish, surely i'll post more recipe in future.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the easy cooking recipe. I will try it out with my kids. Please post more of it.