coming back soon!!

coming back soon!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

a place to visit with your Kids

I too enjoyed the field trip to Pumpkin
Farm. I would rather call it farm, since my kids not only pick a
pumpkin, but the got a variety of exposure.

My kids get to
see a corn plant, how the baby corn attached to the corn plant. They
learn about a plant. The sunflower plant looked beautiful. There were
animals too,ie : horse, llama, baby pigs, turkey, goats...i hope i
didn't miss any. My children also didn't miss the chance of feeding the

It was a worth of trip for children. I would say this is an educational field trip.

As a parent, grandparent, relatives,
childcare or teacher, it is very important; where we are taking and
what we are planning to teach our children.


Kharthi said...

i have no kids yet.. hahaha

Kay said...

kharthi, u can ..start collecting informations....hi hi

Anonymous said...

Sounds great!! I wish I can bring my kids there...but, it is far and costly as I live in M'sia. Anyway, I will keep it in mind in case I get the opportunity to travel to that part of the world.

Anonymous said...

Can I have more "easy and healthy" recipes for the kids?

Kay said...

Surely, visit united states sometime, when u get the chance.
Don't miss it!

In future I'm certain to share more easy and healthy recipes for kids.