coming back soon!!

coming back soon!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Eating Out

What you think about eating out?

Yup, like eating at a restaurant or even a fast food.
I do take my children out to eat, but not always... not everyweek.
I surely believe that we have to feed our children the best healthy food.... as we are raising them for their best future.....not only giving them best education is our duty... also providing the right food is our responsiblity. We as an adult... the most important person in our kids life... we are the role model for our kids... first we need to be an example ourselves. WHAT we eat is....what our kids grow up eating. Don't you agree with me??

We might think what eating out could do ....little mistakes today, can damage our body in long run... so does to our children. We all know too much fat is not good for body but why still we need them, the outside food certainly uses so much oil and sodium to make food taste great. We can do the best cooking at home with lesser oil and salt. Isn't it is possible to reduce fried food?

Little things that we do today for our children, would give them better living tomorrow.