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coming back soon!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

eating right

Eating the right food is very important for kids. Don't you agree with me? The children need the balanced diet, they need the rainbow, more colors in food, more nutrients for our children. I don't believe it is hard to find, it is just how much time an adult willing to put in preparing a child's food.

Are you a working mom, and cooking does take up time? Then let's make it fun, get your children to involve, they would surely be excited do it. My girls love to shred, peel and cut the vegetables. Dad can help, too. Even a stay home mom, would like to get their kids learn to cook. Believe me, you child would surely like to do the dishes.

So enjoy preparing food and feed the correct food to your kid.


Anonymous said...

You are right. But my kids just refuse to take any vege despite me trying many ways. Any tips??

Kay said...

I have plenty of tips in making kids eat greens.
Make puree and sauce with vegetable; ie: for pasta you could make a green spinach puree and give it an interesting name to it. I have tried this with my kids.
You could steam / half boil the vege and serve with their favorite dip.
The main thing, the way we display food is very important for the kid. Make a happy face with vege that they would be eating.
I'll be sharing more kids friendly recipe soon!